Britney Spears has been recording her new album.

The 34-year-old singer songwriter has revealed she is already creating some new material for her upcoming LP only months after she released her ninth studio album 'Glory' in August this year.

Speaking to the Vegas Player blog, the blonde beauty said: ''I'm not sure what I want the next album to sound like.

''I just know that I'm excited to get into the studio again and actually have already been back recording.''

And the '...Baby One More Time' hitmaker has admitted 'Glory' had a very different ''vibe'' to her previous music, however the star has revealed she is still proud of every track on her latest album and believes every song was the ''best'' she had recorded.

The musician explained: ''I think the vibe of 'Glory' is a lot different to my previously albums.

''We experimented with so many things while we were making the record.

''I feel like this time, I was really able to be hands on.

''I'm so proud of every song that we put on the album ... the songs on 'Glory' were no-brainers for me - they were the best of all the songs we recorded.''