Britney Spears has banned her entourage from drinking alcohol around her.

The 'Work Bitch' singer was so determined to stay sober since her rehab stint in 2007 that she refused to let her friends guzzle down drinks at the dinner table with her.

However, her stubborn behaviour allegedly became a problem during a gourmet meal at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village near Los Angeles last night (07.10.13) when the mother-of-two sent back an alcohol beverage to the bar, which was originally ordered for one of her pals.

According to TMZ, the strict booze ban was ''too much'' for the pop princess' entourage to take, and the second she retired for the night, they hit the bar hard.

One man in particular made a beeline for liquor, and reportedly got ''wasted'' by ordering three vodkas in rapid succession.

This isn't the first time the blonde beauty has banned alcohol from being around her as during her time as an 'X Factor' judge in 2012, it emerged her team had to remove any booze from her hotel room before she arrived.

A hotel rider for the 31-year-old star stated: ''Very important: We require you to empty the minibars of all alcohol. And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.''