Remember when Britney Spears shaved her head in one of the more bizarre celebrity meltdowns of recent years? Well TMZ have learned that it was for a far more sinister reason than just mucking about.

Drugs! Drugs were why Britney lopped off her once blonde locks! Well at least that's what Sam Lutfi's lawyer is saying. You may be wondering at this point what the hell Sam Lufti's lawyer has to do with this, but it's out there. According to the aforementioned man of the law (Joseph Schleimer) Britney was a serious drug-abuser who had a particular taste for the very dangerous and often life destroying crystal meth (any Breaking Bad fans in the house?). Anyway, drugs stay in your hair for ages kids, and Spears was scared and paranoid that the judge would order a test so she cut it all off. Perhaps the fact she was so scared and paranoid should have tipped the judge off anyway, but who are we to judge? Britney's people are yet to respond, so this story remains firmly entrenched in the doldrums of rumour, for now.

Currently enjoying a renaissance, of sorts, Britney is a popular judge on the U.S X-Factor, which is still going strong despite constantly losing out to another British export, The Voice, in the ratings.