Judging by Britney Spears' grocery list that has gone viral today, we're guessing that either she's is an incredible cook that has that innate, enviable ability to make something out of nothing, or has never seen a hob/oven in her life. 

As TMZ reports, on the list she had included: ginger ale, tomatoes, ham, orange juice, milk, popcorn, bread, chicken, and Lunchables. A reasonable sandwich can be made with those items, but as soon as she starts mixing the ginger ale with the bread, it's all going to go down hill. That is not how you make a gingerbread, that's just how you make a soggy mess. We have great faith in Brit though, there'll be no soggy messes in her kitchen. 

In other, less banal news, Spears is also thought to be dating again! She and ex-fiancée/manager split earlier in the winter but for Valentines day she was taken for sushi by an AVERAGE JOE who also took her golfing! The average Joe is not actually called Joe. Instead he goes by the name of David and according to TMZ he works at a lawfirm. Not a lawyer though, which is, apparently, very important. As is the fact that "He's definitely not a wealthy guy." 

Rich or poor, we simply hope he's making the once-troubled singer as happy as possible.