Britney Spears stars in the latest promo video for X Factor in the Usa, which aired on Us Tv on Tuesday night (July 10, 2012). All eyes have been on the troubled pop star since she joined the show and her erratic behavior has already started to make headlines. The promo, which is centered solely on the show's biggest new draw (putting Demi Lovato, the other new judge, squarely in her place) questions whether or not Spears has been spending "too much time with Simon Cowell" and shows some of her more barbed comments towards the hopeful contestants.
"You cannot destroy that song, sweetie," she tells one lacklustre performer, before announcing to another "you definitely don't have the X Factor" and wearily tells another that their performance was "bad to the bone." The video acts as a counterpoint to Simon Cowell's recent insistence that Britney is actually very shy. In an interview with MTV News recently, Britney revealed that she was hoping her appearance on the show would "inspire" some of the singing hopefuls. Presumably, her catty comments are peppered with a few sage words of advice, in the final cut of the show, which will air on September 12, 2012 in the US, on the Fox network.
Earlier this week, it was reported that Britney had stormed off of the X Factor set for the second time since filming began. This time, she's blamed co-judge Demi Lovato, saying that she simply followed Demi's lead when they decided to take a break for lunch.