With one of the most well-known back catalogues to grace the music industry this century, as well as an innumerable amount of TV and advertising appearances under her belt, it comes as no wonder to know that Britney Spears is worth quite a pretty penny. In fact, her full net worth and expenditure has been conveniently laid out for all to see thanks to E!, who have recently published an insight into the Spears economy online.

It turns out that Spears is now worth an estimate $32.4 million, with around $15 million of it on hand to spend at any time, with the rest tied up in assets including property and business ventures.

Luckily for the 'Lucky' singer, it looks like her worth is set to only increase as the figures posted online don't even take into account her reported $15m contract to star on The X Factor USA, nor do they include the massive windfall she is due to receive after her hugely successful tour that earned $68m.

The insight reveals that her expenditure isn't too different to everyone else either, with most of her spending being for child care and child support, and shopping at regular Joe shops like Target, Wal-Mart and Sears.

Spears has been under the conservatorship of her father, Jamie Spears, since her very public breakdown and her manager/fiancé Jason Trawick since April this year. Although they reveal that Jamie has quite a say in the finances of his daughter and these published records precede Jason's intervention from this year.