Britney Spears will be raking in a massive $15million for her turn as a judge on the upcoming series of The X Factor USA and if she is fit enough to do that then she is fit enough to appear in court, at least that's what her former manager Sam Lutfi claims.

Back in 2009, Lutfi filed a huge lawsuit against the whole Spears family, in which he plans to sue for a number of things, including defamation and unpaid management fees. Britney and her family on the other hand completely deny that Lutfi ever managed her in the first place.

Britney, who has been placed under conservatorship since her very public breakdown in 2008, has since been excused from court due to her mental health problems, problems that Lutfi insists cannot be so severe if she is appearing alongside Simon Cowell on the X Factor. According to TMZ, Lufti wants to get up close and personal with Brit in court so that he can question her about the alleged defamatory statements her parents made about him. These statements include that he drugged her and cut her phone line in a bid to keep her from her family contacting her. He also wants to bring up any questions regarding an alleged management contract, guaranteeing him a cut of her ever growing fortune.

A court hearing is scheduled for September 25th; so far a judge has yet to be assigned to the case.