Britney Spears has a new single, new album and a two-year residency in Las Vegas all to look forward to before the end of 2013, as the singer is increasing her bid to once again be considered the biggest thing in pop music. With a considerable amount on her plate already, there are some murmurings of concern over the singer's wellbeing, as people are beginning to question whether Britney might be pushing herself too hard at the moment, which could very well lead to another burn out.

Listen to the audio for 'Work B*tch'

Her video shoot for new single 'Work B*tch' is now finished, and she will release it on October 1 having teased her fans repeatedly about it's eventual unveiling through Twitter. After this, she has her new album coming out, followed by an extensive promotional trail, including radio and TV appearances. And if that wasn't enough work for the singer, she also has to practice and perfect her routine for her two year residency at the Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, which will begin in December this year. That's a lot of work to squeeze into three months and with her history, the stress of the job may once again get the better of Britney.

Essentially, the coming work schedule has become a make-or-break period for Britney, one that will hopefully relaunch the singer to her regal past, or prompt her to spiral out of control again. Britney's diary has left her with little relaxation time, and this could prove to be a costly error for her financial benefactors. This could be the case, however there is also an equally likely scenario things will go swimmingly, and whilst her former domination of the charts may not greet her new material, she could at least become the Queen of the Las Vegas Boulevard.

Britney SpearsWork Bitch video
Britney photographed behind the scenes of the video shoot for 'Work B*tch'

Whilst some reports state that her ticket sales are staling, other reports are saying that she is breaking records for how quick the shows are selling for. Whatever the real case is like, one thing is for sure; Britney needs to tread lightly rather than put her foot straight on the gas. Having struggled with her workload on The X Factor, there is much more at stake now, and much more potential for disaster. Lets just hope that failure won't be on the cards.