Britney is gearing up for Vegas. After the announcement was made that the “Baby One More Time” singer would be headlining a series of shows at Vegas’s Planer Hollywood, Brit’s cover for Shape Magazine was released. The photo shows a tanned and toned Brit in a skimpy white Deja Soleil bikini, flaunting those curves (and some incredibly toned abs, are we certain she’s really had two children?)

The cover photo is captioned “Britney at her best: 31, firm and fabulous” and we can definitely see where the editor was coming from with that. Of course, Brit is probably under a contractual obligation of some kind to keep her body toned and ready for action, seeing as how rehearsals for her Vegas gigs will commence in September and the shows themselves – as soon as October.

"She's so inspiring to be in that great of shape after having two kids," says Deja Berkham, designer and owner of the line.

Before you say it (and we know you will) no, Ms Spears’s impressive figure isn’t due to some photoshop tinkering. Recent photos of the singer lounging on the beach show that she looks just as tanned and toned in real life (though perhaps professional lighting and camera work has helped a little on the tan front).

Britney Spears, West Hills, CA
Despite Brit's soccer mom appropriate everyday attire, it's obvious the woman has been shedding some pounds.