Since Britney Spears quit the X Factor officially a couple of weeks ago, vowing to focus on her music, three different hotels in Las Vegas have jumped on the chance to capitalise upon her choice, wanting her to come to do a residency in their establishments. She is now embroiled in a 'bidding war', for whichever hotel wants to pay her the most. 

According to TMZ, Britney could draw more than $100m per year, which is the price that Celine Dion was getting when she had her nightly show at Caesars. One rumour said that Britney had already signed with Ceasars, but apparently this is wrong and two other hotels are fighting for her face and voice to appear and perform at regular occurrences. According to the president and COO of the promotion and production company Justice Entertainment Group, Daren Libonati, Britney could bring in around $2m per week! "Deals such as this are based on scale," Libonati explained. "That's a very basic guess on what such a deal might look like. It could be even more."

Spears is only 31 and a wage like that is almost unheard of, but having started her career early, firstly at Disney and, later, carving herself an enormous solo career in music she's certainly earned it. And we thought $15m per series of the X Factor was big bucks.