The Britney Spears ad for her latest perfume ‘Fantasy Twist’ has been released online. But just who does she think she is, exactly? Well, if the ad is anything to go by, she’s doing a pretty nifty job of looking like a whole host of other female stars.

One of the more obvious comparisons can be drawn with Madonna, but hey, there’s very little that a female pop star can do these days without being compared to Madonna, eh? Somewhat more surprisingly though, some of the ad’s scenes show the ‘Toxic’ singer parading up and down a hotel corridor in a peroxide bob wig, eyeliner all over the shop and a tiara perched atop her head. Remind you of anyone? Yup, Britney Spears the X Factor judge appears to be channelling her inner grunge-era Courtney Love. We’re not sure exactly why she’s employing that particular image to try and promote a lovely fresh new fragrance. After all, the grunge scene was hardly founded on principles of sweet-smelling cleanliness now, was it? Or perhaps her new perfume smells like teen spirit?

Elsewhere, Britney just found out, on the latest episode of X Factor USA, that she’ll be mentoring the ‘Teens’ category. “Are you serious? Oh my God! That is amazing,” she cooed, making out like it was the best news she’d had in her entire career. Perhaps it was…?