Pop beauty Britney Spears is recovering from yet another major split in her life - this time from her longtime bodyguard.

The 21-year-old BOYS singer, ex-girlfriend of pop hunk Justin Timberlake, has been pictured with her giant-sized minder and constant companion ROBERT 'BIG ROB' FEGGANS countless times over the years - but they've now reluctantly parted company.

A source says, "It was very hard for Britney because she loves him."

But their close relationship has been cited as a major problem by the source, who explains that during one of her nights out in New York City, Feggans was very lenient with her.

The source tells American magazine US WEEKLY, "He treated her like a sister and not a star who needed watching over. He turned a blind eye like a family member would, and he didn't see things objectively or look out for her best interests."

But another source close to the Spears family says the reason for their parting is far more simple, explaining, "Britney went with a new company, and she wished Rob would switch to her new company, but he felt his benefits were better for him at the old company.

"Everyone is sad about it. He's part of the family."

18/06/2003 21:21