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Bristol Palin (born Bristol Sheeran Marie Palin, 18.10.1990)
Bristol Palin is the daughter of Sarah Palin (the 11th Governor of Alaska) and her husband Todd. After becoming a single, teenage parent, Bristol has become a paid public speaker, advocating abstinence among unmarried teenagers in the USA.

Childhood & Life in the Public Eye: Bristol Palin was born and raised in Wasilla, in Alaska. In 2005, she attended Juneau-Douglas High School, then she lived with her aunt and uncle in Anchorage, attending West Anchorage High School, before eventually graduating from Wasilla High School in 2009.

During the 2008 US Presidential Campaign, Bristol Palin's mother, Sarah Palin, was selected as John McCain's vice-presidential running partner. At the time, they were aware of Bristol's pregnancy and McCain's advisers felt that it would become a political liability. The pregnancy was announced on 1st September, along with the statement that Bristol was engaged to the father of the child, Levi Johnston. Britney Spears' younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears sent Bristol some baby clothes as gift. Spears herself was also a teen mother and the press made much of comparing the two cases. Despite suggestions that Johnston had been press-ganged into marrying Bristol, he claims that they had always planned on getting married; with or without the baby.

Levi and Bristol's baby, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, was born in December 2008. Their engagement was broken off in March 2009, amidst rumours that Bristol's decision to keep the baby were influenced by her mother's anti-abortion beliefs.

The couple entered court proceedings in November 2009, for custody and child support. Johnston requested open proceedings, stating that he did not feel protected against Sarah Palin's influence in a closed court. The court sided with Johnston.

For a brief spell, Bristol moved out of the family home and purchased a condo in Anchorage. Whilst living there, she worked in a dermatologist's office and attended business lessons at a local college. However, a few months later, she moved back into her parents' home.

Bristol and Levi were reunited in July 2010 an announced that they were again engaged to be married. However, they ended their engagement less than 3 weeks later.

Bristol Palin worked with the National campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy in 2009, to help educate young people about the consequences of teenage pregnancy. She was also made a Teen Abstinence Ambassador for the Candie's Foundation. However, before undertaking this work, she had previously stated that abstinence was 'not realistic at all', in an interview with Fox News. Palin now works regularly as a speaker on the issue of abstinence and charges between $15,000 and $30,000 for a single appearance. Palin also set up her own lobbying & political consultation firm in 2009, named BSMP.

In July 2010, Bristol Palin appeared as herself in The Secret Life of the American Teenager (which features the actress Molly Ringwald). Later that year, Bristol was selected to be one of the contestants on the popular US TV show, Dancing with the Stars. Her partner is the professional dancer Mark Ballas and other contestants include David Hasselhoff, Michael Bolton, Jennifer Grey and Brandy.

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Congratulations, Bristol Palin! Sarah Palin's Daughter Engaged

Bristol Palin Sarah Palin

Congratulations to Bristol Palin and her newly announced fiancé - Dakota Sgt. Dakota Meyer, a 26-year-old Kentucky-born U.S. Marine vet and war hero who received the Medal of Honor in 2009. The mother-of-one and daughter of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin went public with the engagement news right after the event - and so did her husband-to-be.

Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin is soon to be a married woman.

"I'm definitely the luckiest guy ever to be able to spend the rest of my life with @bsmp2 #shesaidyes," Meyer said on Instagram, alongside a photo of the two.

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Bristol Palin is Engaged! Sarah Palin's Daughter to Wed U.S. Marine Vet, Dakota Meyer

Bristol Palin Sarah Palin Levi Johnston

Bristol Palin is engaged! The eldest daughter of Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate, is engaged to Dakota Meyer. 24-year-old Palin and her fiancé announced the news on Instagram on Saturday (14th March).

Bristol Palin
Bristol Palin is engaged!

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Dancing With The Stars: Sneak Peak At Week 6

Dancing With The Stars Bristol Palin Drew Lachey Joey Fatone Sabrina Bryan Melissa Rycroft Pamela Anderson

For Halloween week Dancing With The Stars has the chance to go full on OTT and get away with it, however the actual result isn't as scary as you may have imagined, with the remaining contestants participating in a Country Week (still quite a scary thought though).

So the remaining stars - remember Pamela Anderson, Bristol Palin, Helio Castroneves and former boy-band-boys Drew Lachey and Joey Fatone have all been given the boot already - this week will be going head to head to see who has the best yee-haw and who can dance in a line with the best of them as the first round of dances will see the stars dance to a country hit, with backing provided by Little Big Town. LBT's appearance also marks the first musical guest of the season.

So what can we expect from the dancers? With the competition hotting up there's only so much the remaining pairs can give to mark themselves from the pack, now is the time to separate the men from the boys. Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan is atop the leaderboard going in to this week, and given her shock 2007 exit we might see her go all the way to the final this time round, but we can't rule out the rest of them just yet. Meanwhile fan favourites Emmitt Smith, Kristie Alley and the remaining Olympiads competing might have what it takes to go all the way, with Alley perhaps the most likely to fail should her batteries die out for good.

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'White Powder' Sent To DWTS For Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin Dancing With The Stars

After her elimination on last weeks episode, Bristol Palin is still at the centre of the attention for the show after it was revealed that a mysterious packed, described only as a kind of 'white powder' was delivered to the TV personality on the show.

A FBI sources confirmed with The Hollywood Reporter that it's agents have responded to the report of a suspicious package that has been sent to the CBS Studios set where 'Dancing With The Stars' is filmed. According to the federal report, a number have tests have been performed on the substance and indicated that the substance in question was innocuous, with further tests still underway to determine who sent the mystery package.<./p>

According to TMZ, the substance was not all that was delivered to the set, as an anonymous letter was also sent along with the package that demanded that Bristol be removed from the show. Whilst it is hardly likely this was the reason for her dismissal from the show, with her less than remarkable last performance being the more likely reason for her being booted from the show.

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Jimmy Kimmel “Not Sorry” For Bristol Palin Mum Jokes

Jimmy Kimmel Bristol Palin

Jimmy Kimmel offered up an empty apology to Bristol Palin after describing her as “bold” for coming on his show after her elimination from Dancing With The Stars.

Palin jigged on stage in a fair approximation of her dancing prowess exhibited on DWTS alongside partner Mark Ballas, before planting her recently expelled kaboosh on the Jimmy Kimmel Live sofa. And it wasn’t long before the host addressed any possible causes of tension between the pair, by bringing his constant mockery of her mother to the table. “I appreciate you coming,” he said to Palin, “Because I’ve made one or two jokes about your mother over the years.” To this, Palin repsoded with “Yes! I’m here for my apology”. Well there was an apology, but Kimmel quickly arrested the faux sense of contrition by saying that he was in fact “not sorry” but offered up opportunity for Palin “to make 48,000 jokes” about his mum to even the field. Of course, Palin has no idea who his mother is, so it’s him that’s really winning.

Palin is finally out of the Dancing With The Stars competition after receiving constantly low scores throughout the show. Her luck ran out on the most recent addition, and now she can go back to getting in the way of her mother’s political campaigns. It can’t make them any worse, that’s for sure.

Picture - Bristol Palin , Tuesday 2nd October 2012

Bristol Palin Tuesday 2nd October 2012 Ubisoft's Just Dance 4 Launch Party held at Lexington Social House

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