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Room Trailer

A young woman and her 5-year-old son Jack live together in a confined, sound-proofed room in the outhouse of Old Nick's backyard. There is nothing but a bed, a bathtub and a few household items inside, with Old Nick making occasional visits when Jack hides away in a wardrobe. The woman was kidnapped seven years ago by Nick, and subsequently raped by him, meaning that Jack knows nothing of life outside the room. He's content with life with his mother, but she has never given up hopes to escape their prison. She hatches a plan for Jack to escape and seek help and the pair are eventually re-united with her mother and father, and given temporary accommodation in hospital. But Jack is barely able to comprehend all the new experiences and longs for the comfort of his dark former home.

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Film Premiere of 'Digging For Fire'

Brie Larson - Film Premiere of 'Digging For Fire' at The ArcLight Cinemas - Arrivals at ArcLight Cinemas - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 13th August 2015

Brie Larson

Trainwreck Review


Amy Schumer makes her big screen debut with a script that feels like a much-extended sketch from her TV series. It's hilariously observant and refreshingly grown-up about sex, but the plot falls back on the usual cliches. Even with some clever twists and turns, the structure is oddly predictable. But the biggest surprise is that Schumer and director Judd Apatow ultimately cave in and take a traditional approach to romance.

As she does on her show, Schumer plays a sexually frank woman called Amy. Taught by her father (Colin Quinn) to distrust monogamy, she has indulged in a commitment-free life, rarely seeing a man more than once. And her one repeat male partner (John Cena) is a rather too self-obsessed bodybuilder. Then her boss, blithely demanding magazine editor Diana (Tilda Swinton), assigns her to interview Aaron (Bill Hader), a doctor who specialises in sports injuries. Amy can't help but seduce him; it's what she does! But in the process she realises that she actually quite likes him. This idea so rattles her that she sabotages her close relationship with her sister Kim (Brie Larson), who is expecting a child with husband Tom (Mike Birbiglia).

Schumer has impeccable comic timing, and she's hilarious all the way through this film, playing on her character's riotous way of being shockingly honest at all the wrong times. In other words, the character is entertaining but never very likeable because of the thoughtless things she does and says. So our sympathies lie with Hader, who gives an unusually layered turn as a smart, sensitive and very funny guy who just might be too good for Amy. Other characters are either here to provide emotion (Larson and Quinn) or to shamelessly steal scenes (Swinton). And Apatow brings in a usual stream of big-name cameos, including Daniel Radcliffe and Marisa Tomei in a clever pastiche of a New York indie movie.

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Amy Schumer’s Summer Fun Continues, Comedienne Dances To ‘Backstreet Boys’ On Board Luxury Yacht

Amy Schumer Backstreet Boys Bill Hader Brie Larson

Amy Schumer’s holiday fun continues. This time, the 34-year-old comedienne shared a short video of herself on Instagram dancing to the Backstreet Boys’ ‘As Long As You Love Me’. Schumer was filmed on-board a luxury yacht on Lake Lugano in Switzerland along with her sister, Kim Caramele. Both wore one-piece bathing costumes as Schumer showed off her dance moves. 

Amy Schumer and Kim CaremeleAmy Schumer and her sister, Kim Caramele, at the premiere of Cop Show on Broadway in February 2015.

Read More: Amy Schumer Teams Up With Senator Cousin To Call For Tougher Gun Control.

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Video - Lee Daniels Joins Arrivals At China-Themed 2015 Met Gala - Part 4

Film director Lee Daniels was among arrivals at the 2015 Met Gala. He was snapped leaving the Mark Hotel in New York ahead of the event, alongside a host of other celebrities who were adhering to the theme of China: Through The Looking Glass.

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Brie Larson arrives at Los Angeles International Airport

Brie Larson - Brie Larson arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) wearing all blue. Blue raincoat, blue jeans; blue handbag and blue shoes - Los Angeles, California, United States - Tuesday 5th May 2015

Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson

Brie Larson at Los Angeles International Airport

Brie Larson - Brie Larson at Los Angeles International Airport with a male companion at LAX - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 9th March 2015

Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson

Trainwreck Trailer

Amy enjoys her life in the big city with her comfortable apartment, wacky friends and driven job as a reporter for a men's magazine. As a young girl, her parents sadly divorced, and her father wasted no time in drumming into her that a lifelong partnership with just one person left much to be desired. So she's certainly taking her father's words literally and seems to enjoy the company of a different man every night (though never the full night); it's a life that she has no plans to change any time soon. However, something shifts in her consciousness when she meets sports doctor Aaron Connors on whom she's been commissioned to write an article. The pair hit it off right away, but after their first night together, Amy's left wondering if ending it there is really the best thing to do. It feels weird to carry on seeing someone after she's slept with them, but at the same time, she can't remember the last time she had so much fun.

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Louis Vuitton "Series 2" The Exhibition

Brie Larson - A variety of fashionable stars were photographed as they attended Louis Vuitton "Series 2" The Exhibition which was held in Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 5th February 2015

Brie Larson

The Gambler Review


With a strangely simplistic screenplay by William Monahan (The Departed), director Rupert Wyatt and his cast struggle to dig beneath the surface in a meaningful way. Mark Wahlberg does what he can in the lead role as a self-destructive gambling addict, but since he's never remotely likeable it's impossible to care what happens to him. It's decently made, but without strong characters or a resonant message the movie ultimately feels like a vanity project that's gone wrong somewhere along the way.

Wahlberg plays Jim, a swaggering university professor who torments his brightest student Amy (Larson) in front of the whole class. But she knows that he's also unable to pass a blackjack table without losing a small fortune. And it's probably money he owes to someone. Indeed, he's accruing such severe debts to a gangster (Michael Kenneth Williams) that he turns to his millionaire mother (Jessica Lange) for help, knowing that if she gives him the cash he'll gamble it away before settling his accounts. So he also turns to tough loan shark Frank (John Goodman), who stresses to Jim the importance of paying up and getting out of the betting world for good. But Jim seems incapable of even a shred of self-control.

It's virtually impossible to connect with a character this one-sided. Aside from his literary intelligence, there's nothing remotely redeeming about Jim, so it's difficult to escape the feeling that he's getting just what he deserves. And it gets worse when he starts romancing Amy, a nubile girl barely half his age. Wahlberg never plays Jim as anything but an unapologetic loser who has orchestrated his own misfortune. So why should we care what happens to him? At least the side characters interject a bit of complexity, most notably Lange and Goodman, who command the entire film with just a couple of scenes each. The usually terrific Larson barely registers in an underwritten role that makes very little logical sense.

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'The Gambler' - Press Conference

Brie Larson and Mark Wahlberg - Press conference for 'The Gambler' held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Mandarin Oriental Hotel - New York City, New York, United States - Sunday 14th December 2014

Brie Larson
Brie Larson
Brie Larson, Mark Wahlberg and Michael K. Williams
Brie Larson, Mark Wahlberg, Michael K. Williams and Rupert Wyatt

The Gambler Trailer

Jim Bennett is an English professor at a college and he's also always been one for taking risks. By day he is the sensible, bookish type but by night his life is a dangerous spiral of gambling huge amounts of money to dire consequences. As the gambler he is, he takes a chance in asking his bank to loan him a quarter of a million dollars in order for him to pay back a gangster so that he may stay alive, but when that fails he is forced to take on the services of a loan shark named Frank. Meanwhile, his relationship with his mother is getting tenser and tenser by the day as she wishes more than anything for her little boy to be safe. Also, it seems a student of his named Amy Phillips has discovered his secret life, but wants more than anything for him to take her out to dinner even if it will wreck his school reputation.

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Cool Thing Of The Week: Jenny Lewis' "Just One Of The Guys" Video, Featuring Anne Hathaway

Jenny Lewis Anne Hathaway Kristen Stewart Brie Larson

Jenny Lewis’ new music video might be the best thing on the internet this week. Not only is the song, Lewis’ new single Just One of the Guys all about gender roles and why they’re awful, but the video features kickass ladies Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Brie Larson, rocking out and – at some points – dressing up like dudes. It looks like it was fun to film. The former Rilo Kiley confirmed as much in a recent interview with GQ, where she promoted her upcoming album, Voyager.

Jenny Lewis
Lewis is stepping up her solo game.

"We screamed with laughter all day, huddled behind the monitor," Lewis tells GQ. "I haven't laughed that hard since What About Bob? came out on laser disk."

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Video - Tuxedo Pants Swapped For Shorts Became A Thing At The 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Part 8

The 2014 CFDA awards took place recently with various winners including Joseph Altuzarra, who won 'Womenswear Designer of the Year' for Altuzarra, and Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow who were awarded 'Menswear Designer of the Year' for Public School by James Marsden. Pop-star Rihanna won Vogue's 'Fashion Icon' award.

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Jason Clarke Could Be John Connor In 'Terminator: Genesis'

Jason Clarke Arnold Schwarzenegger Emilia Clarke Brie Larson Garrett Hedlund Nicholas Hoult

Jason Clarke is reportedly in talks to take play John Connor in the upcoming Terminator reboot, Terminator: Genesis. The 44 year-old actor, who caught our attention in Zero Dark Thirty, is said to be the frontrunner in a race to the lead role that has apparently also included British actor Tom Hardy, according to Deadline.

Jason Clarke
Jason Clarke Is In Talks To Play John Connor In 'Terminator: Genesis.'

The 2015 reboot of the iconic Terminator franchise will be directed by Thor: The Dark World's Alan Taylor with Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier having penned the script. Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke and Don Jon actress Brie Larson are also said to be being considered for the role of Sarah Connor, John's mother.

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