Brian Wilson thinks Paul McCartney is the best musician around today.

The Beach Boys singer branded the former Beatles musician as the most ''gifted'' singer he's ever listened to and praised the 'Let it Be' singer for his innovative sounds.

When asked by whom he rates today, he replied: ''Gee, that's a hard question to answer. I think Paul McCartney, you know?

''Because he's probably the most gifted musician I've ever known and he brings new and beautiful things to people.''

Brian admitted he initially felt self-conscious about being deaf in his right ear, but claims the disability motivated him to write The Beach Boys 1966 album, 'Pet Sounds', recognised as one of the most influential records in the history of popular music.

The 71-year-old musician mused: ''Well, I mean, I felt a little bit inadequate about my right ear so I think I overcompensated when I wrote Pet Sounds. I overcompensated for my ear.''

Brian claims he is still bemused by his own writing ability when he looks back at all the hit records he's made.

He added: ''There's still a mystery about how I do it. I don't know how I possibly write songs. It is a mystery to me, it actually is. I do that sometimes [look back and think] It's a mystery to me how I could have written all of those songs.''