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Brian Wilson (born June 20th 1942) is a Californian musician and former frontman of The Beach Boys.

Net worth: Brian Wilson has a net worth of $75 million according to Celebrity Net Worth (2015).

Musical career: Brian Wilson started with him, his brothers Carl and Dennis, Mike Love and Al Jardine, in 1961 thought they were named The Pendletones. They then released debut single 'Surfin'' and impressed Brian's father so much so that he helped them sign to Candix Records, who went on to change their name to the Beach Boys without them knowing.

Their first album, 'Surfin' Safari', was released by Capitol in 1962. Wilson fought to be head of production on the record.

Following records included 'Surfin' U.S.A.' and 'Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)'.

While still in the band, he tried to work with other people separately including Jan and Dean, to much upset from the label.

Meanwhile, The Beach Boys were touring a lot which was an emotionally and mental struggle for Wilson who wanted to concentrate on songwriting. He was briefly replaced by Glen Campbell and then Bruce Johnston.

1966 saw the band release the critically acclaimed 'Pet Sounds', which the rest of the band were initially averse to.

Wilson's next project for the Beach Boys, 'Smile', became a point of much conflict within the band, with it eventually getting cancelled in 1967.

The band began to struggle financially and Wilson's interest in the band gradually began to wane, often locking himself up at home particularly after the death of his father in 1973. He did, however, spend much time drinking with the Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop.

He eventually turned to a side project with Bruce Johnston and Terry Melcher's Equinox Records named California Music. However, he was forced to quit the project by the Beach Boys' management, who insisted he turn his attention back to the group.

It was then he was referred to corrupt therapist Eugene Landy who, despite eventually damaging his mental state further, did manage to help Wilson regain some motivation and the band released '15 Big Ones' for their anniversary in 1976. He did, however, appear solo on 'Saturday Night Live' that year.

Eventually, Landy had him fired from the Beach Boys. He returned for Live Aid in 1985 and their subsequent self-titled album.

He then went solo, releasing his self-titled debut album on Sire Records in 1988 and during this time Landy's influence became increasingly clear in his lyrics and his behaviour, having been prescribed a large dosage of psychotropics.

His memoir, 'Wouldn't It Be Nice: My Own Story', was released in 1991 though it is largely believed to have been written by Landy, who he soon severed ties with.

In 1995, Wilson released the 'I Just Wasn't Made for These Times' soundtrack and the Van Dyke Parks produced 'Orange Crate Art'. In 1997, he sang on Belinda Carlisle's 'California'.

The following year he released 'Imagination', but was forced to undergo vocal training for his damaged voice. During this time, he began to perform regularly for the first time in years.

2004 saw the release of 'Gettin' In Over My Head', featuring Elton John, Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton.

That year he finally went back to 'Brian Wilson Presents Smile' and toured with the album worldwide. The Beach Boys version of the album, 'The Smile Sessions', came out in 2011.

Wilson returned to the Beach Boys for 2012's 'That's Why God Made the Radio' and in 2015 he released his eleventh solo venture 'No Pier Pressure'.

Personal life: Brian Wilson grew up in California with his mother Audree and father Murry. He was always musical as a child, but became partially deaf after an unknown accident. His father was physically abusive, but provided Wilson with toy accordion lessons and choir practise. In Hawthorne High school he played football, baseball and did running, and started playing piano after leaving school. He often recorded himself singing with friends and encouraged his brothers to join him as a band.

He studied psychology at El Camino College.

Wilson has struggled a lot over his career with mental health and addiction problems. He had a nervous breakdown while touring in 1964, and began taking cannabis soon after which he claimed improved his songwriting. In 1965, he began taking LSD, but the drug subsequently gave him lifelong auditory hallucinations.

Around 1968, he also began taking cocaine among many other narcotics, became suicidal, and was eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Has been diagnosed as a manic-depressive with schizoaffective disorder. He sought care from a psychologist named Eugene Landy in the 80s, who caused Wilson's mental condition to deteriorate and managed to obtain control of every aspect of his life including his money.

Wilson's first marriage was to Marilyn Rovell in 1964, though that ended 15 years later. They had two daughters, Carnie and Wendy.

He married Melinda Ledbetter in 1995 and they have five adopted children: Daria, Delanie, Dylan, Dash and Dakota.

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The Wrecking Crew Trailer

The 1960s was an incredible decade for music, with the likes of Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra, Sonny & Cher, The Monkees and many, many others producing timeless hits that remain in the world's consciousness to this day. However, little do people know the reason for all these genius hits, for the catchy melodies and iconic hooks; behind every great artist of the day was a band unlike any other. The Wrecking Crew were probably the most sought after session musicians of the era, producing beats for all areas of the West Coast Sound, winning Grammys and become just as rich as the people they were supporting - and yet the general public remained widely oblivious to the music industry's secret weapon. They may have been ever-evolving, but these LA artists were still top choice for the biggest stars, namely Phil Spector who dubbed them 'The Phil Spector Wall of Sound Orchestra'.

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'Love & Mercy' Takes Brian Wilson Back To Both Good And Bad Days

Brian Wilson Paul Dano John Cusack

After garnering acclaim on the festival circuit, the Beach Boys biopic 'Love & Mercy' finally hits American cinemas this weekend (it opens in the UK next month), offering audiences a powerful glimpse into the complex mind of musician Brian Wilson.

Paul Dano with Brian Wilson and the cast of 'Love & Mercy'Paul Dano with Brian Wilson and the cast of 'Love & Mercy'

In the early 1960s, Wilson formed the band with his brothers Carl and Dennis, his cousin Mike Love and their friend Al Jardine, adopting the surfer culture as an image (their earliest hits included 'Surfin'', 'Surfin' Safari', 'Surfer Girl', 'Surf City' and 'Surfin' USA'). And their 1966 album 'Pet Sounds' is regarded as one of the best rock albums of all time, featuring such classics as 'Wouldn't It Be Nice', 'God Only Knows' and 'Sloop John B'.

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Brian Wilson Discusses The Meaning Behind Latest Release 'No Pier Pressure'

Brian Wilson Beach Boys

Brian Wilson has just unveiled his hugely anticipated new solo album 'No Pier Pressure', and now opens up about the generational significance of the new material and what it means to be writing music at the grand age of 72. Needless to say, the title says it all.

Brian Wilson promoBrian Wilson opens up about the man behind 'No Pier Pressure'

It's his first collection of original solo material since 2008's 'That Lucky Old Sun' and, while that was hardly an era ago, it seems this new venture displays a man who's grown in himself both personally and professionally; and certainly doesn't feel the need to produce music for anyone but himself anymore.

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Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure (Behind The Scenes Part 1)

'No Pier Pressure' was released on 7th April 2015 by former Beach Boys frontman, Brian Wilson, as his eleventh solo studio album. Now, Wilson has taken the time to discuss the creation of the album in a video.

Brian Wilson Brings California Spirit To UK Arenas In September 2015

Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson has announced a string of UK tour dates for September 2015, set to take place in eight different arenas around the country. The news comes ahead of the release of his eleventh solo album 'No Pier Pressure', which is out in April.

Brian Wilson promo
Brian Wilson announces UK tour dates

The Beach Boys legend is set to perform classics from both his solo career as well as his band days during the upcoming Autumn tour, and he will be joined on stage by former bandmates Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, as well as 70s chart toppers America and Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice as supporting acts.

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The Wrecking Crew - Featurette And Clips

Through the 1960s, a collection of Los Angeles musicians worked together in order to support acts like The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra. This group was called The Wrecking Crew, and they created some of the greatest and most influential songs, without receiving any of the credit for it. Beach Boys co-founder, Bryan Wilson, described how they were the most important part of that period in music. A documentary 12 years in the making, sheds some light on some of the unsung heroes of the musical industry in the 1960s.

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The Wrecking Crew Showcases The Best Of 1960s Session Musicians

Brian Wilson Glen Campbell George Harrison

In the words of Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin "behind every great man is a great woman", but in this case it's more likely that behind the song there's a great combination of great, unrecognised musicians too.

The Wrecking Crew
George Harrison with session guitarist Joe Osborn from The Wrecking Crew

It is that concept that a new documentary The Wrecking Crew focuses on as it takes a look at the self-contained world of LA all-star session musicians that were behind each Grammy-award winning "Record of the Year" hit for six consecutive years during the 1960s - 1970s.

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Who Is Emile Haynie? New Album 'We Fall' Features Some Impressive Guests

Emile Haynie Brian Wilson Rufus Wainwright Father John Misty Charlotte Gainsbourg Lykke Li Florence Welch Lana Del Rey

Grammy winning record producer Emile Haynie makes a career turning point by unleashing his first album as a recording artist, 'We Fall', complete with collaborations with some of the biggest talent in the music industry today. But who exactly is he?

Emile Haynie promo
Emile Haynie releases debut album 'We Fall'

His name will be doubtlessly familiar to those fans of the rap world, having began his career in hip hop, but now he's set to make waves as a songwriter, enlisting some of the greatest vocalists and performers to work with him on his first release; an impressive feat for someone who started out working in a home studio in New York before dropping out of school. Luckily, it wasn't long before his work was picked up by Proof from D-12, who introduced him to Eminem, and the rest is history. He won a Grammy after producing Eminem's album 'Recovery', went on to discover Kid Cudi and worked with some of the world's greatest rappers including Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg to name but a few.

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Brian Wilson's Troubled Life Story Hits The Big Screen In Bill Pohlad's 'Love & Mercy' [Trailer]

Brian Wilson Beach Boys Paul Dano John Cusack Elizabeth Banks Paul Giamatti Oren Moverman

The full story of The Beach Boys legend Brian Wilson is finally hitting the movies in the form of Bill Pohlad's challenging, life-spanning biopic 'Love & Mercy' which stars Paul Dano and John Cusack as the respective younger and older Wilsons.

Paul Dano in 'Love & Mercy'
Paul Dano stars as a young Brian Wilson in 'Love & Mercy'

While being responsible for writing one of the most important rock albums in history, 1966's 'Pet Sounds', Brian Wilson was at the most fragile stage of his life during that decade. Dragged down mentally and emotionally by the stress of song-writing he took comfort in drug use and was subsequently forced to seek a range of psychological treatments. As tensions within the band grew, he became more and more erratic and lost in a confusing world of hallucinations and psychosis. Paul Dano plays Wilson's enthusiastic younger self, while John Cusack takes on the role of the broken man that came decades after. Paul Giamatti also makes an appearance as Wilson's crooked psychologist Eugene Landy who fed him excessively high dosages of medicative drugs and prevented him from seeing his partner Melinda Ledbetter (who is played by Elizabeth Banks). 

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Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure Album Review

Brian Wilson's solo back catalogue has been an impressive re-imagining of the distinctive song writing that catapulted The Beach Boys to success half a century ago. The 72-year-old's eleventh studio recording under his own name does little to change that formula. The thirteen tracks here work hard to embrace the past, re-uniting Wilson with Al Jardine, while introducing more contemporary contributors to the mix. For the most part, it's a successful collection that is unmistakeably Wilson at his laid back best.

Brian Wilson - No Pier Pressure Album Review

The playful album title, 'No Pier Pressure', seems to suggest that Wilson doesn't feel motivated to emulate the latter day triumphs of artists like Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. Instead, he's content to play in his own sandbox and explore the possibilities of his favoured vocal harmonies. It's a record that manages to simultaneously be full of nostalgia and is musically a world away from pop music in 2015, while embracing some of the most recognisable voices in the charts. It's an interesting approach that doesn't always pay off, but it doesn't detract from the feel-good sun-drenched hallmark sound of Wilson's music.

The duets that really work are those with Kacey Musgraves and Fun. vocalist Nate Ruess. The former called 'Guess You Had To Be There' nods to Mugraves Country roots with the inclusion of a banjo that broadens Wilson's typical Californian sound. It's a weird fusion of two musical styles that works well thanks to the warmth of Wilson's harmonies. Equally, Ruess' lead vocal on 'Saturday Night' emphasises the innocence and teenage sentiment of the lyric. Crucially, both of these collaborations broaden the appeal of 'No Pier Pressure' beyond the nostalgic tone that prevails elsewhere.

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Brian Wilson - The Right Time (Lyric Video)

Brian Wilson has released the official lyric video for the single 'The Right Time', featuring Al Jardine. The song appears as the seventh track on Wilson's upcoming album, 'No Pier Pressure', set for release on 7th April 2015.

65th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale)

Brian Wilson - 65th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) - 'Love & Mercy' - Photocall at Hotel Hyatt - Berlin, Germany - Sunday 8th February 2015

Brian Wilson and Melinda Ledbetter
Brian Wilson and Melinda Ledbetter
Brian Wilson

65th Berlin Film Festival - Love & Mercy photocall

Brian Wilson and Melinda Wilson - Celebrities attends the photocall and press conference for Love and mercy in the Grand Hyatt Hotel. - Berlin, Germany - Sunday 8th February 2015

Brian Wilson and Melinda Wilson
Brian Wilson and Melinda Wilson
Brian Wilson, Melinda Wilson, Paul Dano and Elizabeth Banks

Brian Wilson Brings A Modern Twist To Upcoming Solo Album 'No Pier Pressure'

Brian Wilson Beach Boys Joe Thomas Kacey Musgraves Nate Ruess She & Him Capital Cities

Brian Wilson goes solo again with his forthcoming, pun-laden album release 'No Pier Pressure' which marks his return to former band The Beach Boys' home label Capitol Records and will hit shelves in April.

Brian Wilson at Hop Farm Festival 2014
Brian Wilson returns solo

'No Pier Pressure' is Brian Wilson's eleventh solo venture and follows his 2012 50th anniversary reunion album with The Beach Boys' entitled 'That's Why God Made the Radio', a record which reached number 3 in the US charts and became their highest charting album since 1965's 'Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)'. The new album also marks his first collection of original material since 2008's 'That Lucky Old Sun'.

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So Have You Spotted All The Stars In The BBC’s ‘God Only Knows’ Video?

Elton John Brian Wilson One Direction Lorde

Last night, (October 7th) the BBC gave us a special treat, premiering the video for ‘God Only Knows’, their star studded cover of the Beach Boys’ timeless classic. Featuring over 30 stars from music and the BBC, the video has been causing us to pause and rewind all day as we clock another famous face. So who all did we catch in the 'God Only Knows’ video?

brian wilsonThe Beach Boys' classic has been covered for Children in Need

First a little background, the cover was put together to promote the launch of BBC Music, described by the corporation as “an ambitious wave of new programmes, innovative partnerships and ground-breaking music initiatives that amount to the BBC’s strongest commitment to music in 30 years.”

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