Rocker Brian May joined fellow animal activists in Somerset, England on Tuesday night (01Oct13) to patrol a badger cull zone in an attempt to save the local wild creatures.

Environment chiefs in the U.K. have ordered a mass killing of the animals as a pest control measure to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis, but the Queen star has been leading the call for action to halt the slaughter and he headed out into the night on Tuesday to help protect his furry friends.

May documented his encounters on his blog, and even met with a local councillor who is also opposed to the government cull.

In a series of posts, he writes, "Down here in Somerset in bloody badger cull zone, going out into the night, a kind of miracle is happening. Dozens of small groups appearing... In cull zone, I'm overwhelmed - good folks from far and wide give up their nights just to walk the footpaths. Their presence stops shooters... There are middle-aged couples here sitting on ancient badger setts all through the night...

"Mike Rigby - local county councillor - outraged at the cull. Says others feel the same but nervous to speak."