Rock legend Brian May has been honoured with an award for his efforts to protect British wildlife.

The Queen guitarist has been handed the 2014 Observer Ethical Award for Campaigner of the Year after leading the campaign against Britain's badger cull, which was scrapped earlier this year (14) when test schemes in south-west England proved ineffective in slowing the spread of bovine tuberculosis.

Speaking about the campaign, for which May recorded the song Save The Badger Badger Badger, the rocker tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "You wake up every morning and you're at war with people who want to have the right to just treat animals any way they want. That's been tough for me. I'm a peaceful person, you know, I've been a musician all my life. But I've got used to it. You're constantly ready to go into battle."

May took to his page on Thursday (12Jun14) to express his gratitude for the award, writing, "Thanks to The Observer and all who supported us... Bri."