The veteran musician was in the audience for a showing of Brand's film The Emperor's New Clothes at the Hackney Picturehouse in east London.

May has been campaigning to encourage Brits to register to vote in the upcoming general election next month (May15), and even launched an activist organisation called Common Decency to call for a reform to the British political system.

During a debate after the film screening, he clashed with Brand over the funnyman's declarations that citizens should boycott the polling booths in May (15) to protest against inequality.

The guitarist asked Brand, "You really don't want us to vote?" prompting a heated response from Brand, who interrupted May to say, "It's not like that mate, it's just it's not relevant. We're going to do this s**t anyway. What I most support is people becoming activated... I think people want me to talk about the election but watching it again it just makes me think there's no justice, it's dead."

After the screening, May took to to admit he actually enjoyed Brand's film even though he did not agree with some of the star's arguments, writing, "Whether or not you like Russell Brand... The Emperors New Clothes is a GREAT film. Everyone should see it."