Veteran actor Brian Cox has hit back at his reputation for only dating younger women, insisting age difference "doesn't matter". Cox, 60, has had a series of relationships with younger women after his divorce from first wife CAROLINE BURT in 1995, including 20-year-old actress SIRI NEAL and German actress NICOLE ANSARI, who he later married in 2002. And despite an age gap of 23 years, Cox and Ansari have two young sons, Orson and TORIN. THE Bourne Supremacy star Cox, however, dismisses speculation he has only has eyes for younger ladies, insisting: "It doesn't matter all that much. "I got this reputation for going out with young women. I got married when I was 21 and I didn't have many girlfriends before. I was married for 18 years and then stopped being married. "I was not very happy at the time and then, suddenly, I was an available male. It seems to me kind of logical, not an exceptional thing."