BRET MICHAELS - Bret Michaels, the 47-year-old American rocker and former frontman of the band Poison, is recovering at home after being discharged from hospital following heart surgery, reports People Magazine. Bret Michaels' operation was declared a success and he was allowed to check out from St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Centre in Arizona yesterday (26th January 2011).
Doctors first discovered that the singer was suffering from a “hole in the heart” whilst they treated him for a near fatal brain haemorrhage back in 2010. Without operating, medical staff said the heart problem could have led to blood clots and possible strokes. Michaels is now resting at home with his fiance KRISTI GIBSON and the couple’s two daughters, a source close to the family said, “Bret is recuperating at home with his family. He is looking forward to enjoying time with Kristi and his daughters as well as getting back on the road”.
Despite his health issues, Michaels continued to perform live up until this week’s surgery and Dr Mansour Assar of St Joseph’s Hospital said that the 47-year-old should be well enough to return to the stage in the next couple of weeks, adding, “Because of the successful outcome and Bret's determination, I believe he will be able to return to normal activity within weeks”.