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Pamela Anderson and her son Brandon Lee leaving Starbucks in Malibu. Anderson appears to be wearing no make-up. - Malibu, California - Sunday 23rd January 2011

Pamela Anderson and Brandon Lee

Alicia Keys after show party at The Park - New York City, USA - Wednesday 18th June 2008

Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee

son of Pamela Anderson, makes a throw from 3rd base during a Little League baseball game. - Malibu, California - Wednesday 16th April 2008

with his son Brandon Lee and wife Linda Lee - USA - Thursday 24th January 2008

as 'Eric Draven' in the film 'The Crow' - USA - Wednesday 11th May 1994

Brandon Lee - USA - Thursday 24th January 2008

as 'Jake Lo' in the film 'Rapid Fire' - USA - Friday 21st August 1992

Brandon Lee

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