The Killers have made a cryptic ten year anniversary announcement.

The band - which includes Brandon Flowers, Ronnie Vannucci Jr., Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer - have fans anticipating a greatest hits album or a anniversary gig.

Last month they posted a teaser writing ''Big News Coming Soon...'' on their Facebook page, which they have since followed up, adding ''September 16th, the 10 year anniversary of our first show in London... #ShotAtTheNight''.

The band are currently working on their fifth album despite only releasing their last LP, 'Battle Born' at the end of 2012.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci previously said: ''I hope there's a new album soon. We've been working on stuff.

''We were in the studio just the week before last. I want to put out a new record now but it's about getting us all on the same page. I bring a guitar with me everywhere. Playing the same songs over and over again is like having the same dinner every night. So you want to start getting in the kitchen and experimenting a bit.''