The Killers played an intimate show for 800 people hours after headlining Wembley stadium.

The 'Mr Brightside' band went from rocking 78,000 at London's Wembley Stadium on Saturday night (22.0613) to a surprise late night performance for a handful of fans at The Garage club.

At their first show of the evening, the band celebrated playing at the iconic Wembley venue by playing 'Wembley Song', which they had penned especially for their performance at the stadium.

The track traced The Killers' career ''from [guitarist] Dave's apartment to Wembley'', and noted how early tracks had left fans confused to find that the band were from Las Vegas ''when you were sure it must be Sheffield or Camden''because of their British sound.

It also listed bands that had played at Wembley previously, including Take That, Bon Jovi and Green Day.

Brandon also admitted in the track: ''I said some s**t, but that was the old me''.

The show ended with a laser show, fireworks and K-shaped confetti, before the band rushed over to The Garage, where they took to the stage after 1.30 on Sunday (23.06.13) morning, and played a 40 minute which included more obscure material from their back catalogue, including a cover of 'I Think We're Alone Now', best known for being recorded by Tiffany.