Brandon Flowers has assured fans that his rock band The Killers haven't split - recording his new solo album made him realise how much he missed his bandmates.
The band went on hiatus at the beginning of 2010 after cancelling a series of dates in Australia and Asia due to the death of Flowers' mother.
Flowers then headed into the studio to make his own music without the band, prompting fears The Killers would never return.
But, as he prepares to release his first solo album, Flamingo, later this year (10), Flowers admits he can't wait to reunite with his bandmates.
He tells Britain's Radio 1, "It was weird... without the union and The Killers and that way of doing things and friendship. I had fun making the record but that brotherhood didn't exist. At times it was a little bit lonely.
"I'm already talking to them about when we're going to get into the studio again."