Brandon Flowers' teeth rotted away when he was a teenager.

The Killers frontman admits his perfect white smile now is a result of having to undergo cosmetic dentistry and have veneers fitted because he didn't look after his gnashers properly when he was younger.

He said: ''My teeth are fake. I had braces and I didn't take good care of them.

''When it was time to get the braces off, they took pieces of tooth with them. I was 14.

''I went to school and people kept trying to tell me I had food in my teeth but they were holes. Eventually I had to get veneers.''

Brandon gave up alcohol five years ago but that was some years after his worst-ever experience when drunk.

He told Q magazine: ''Maybe when I was 18 or 19. We used to go to nightclubs and things.

''I think everybody's been at that point where they think they might die. I can remember the next day, if I could have spoken I would have said, 'Take me to the hospital.' I'd been drinking gin. I hate gin.''