Bradley Cooper is set to turn science fiction series 'Hyperion Cantos' into two feature films.

The 'Hangover' star is working on an adaptation of Dan Simmons' novel series - a complex story set in the distant future about a group of travellers sent on a pilgrimage to the fictional Hyperion universe - and he has revealed it is likely the first two novels will be turned into one movie while the second two will become the sequel.

He said:"Ideally we'd like to do them all but we're actually combining them because it's kind of a mammoth undertaking, these four books, to consolidate and turn them into script form. The first one, we're going to write two scripts, so the first is kind of a combination of 'Hyperion' and the 'Fall of Hyperion' and 'Endymion', which is three out of the four, and then we'll see where that takes us in terms of the second one."

However, 36-year-old Bradley has revealed it is unlikely he will be allowed to direct the project.

He told "It's a dream! But that's like saying you want your first movie to be Avatar! I'd have to have NZT and give it to the studio head in order for them to let me direct that movie."