Movie star Bradley Cooper went back to school last week (08Nov13) to catch up with friends from Germantown Academy's class of 1993.

The Silver Linings Playbook star returned to Fort Washington, Pennsylvania for the 20th anniversary school reunion, where he mingled with another successful actor, Bones star Brian Klugman.

According to, Cooper took a tour of his school with his former history teacher Kendall Mattern and stuck around for Germantown Academy's football game against arch rivals Penn Charter.

The movie star proved to be a lucky charm for his school's team - after losing to Penn Charter for the last 12 years, the Academy picked up a victory.

A source tells the website, "He hung out as long as he could at the game. He loved being back at the school. He took his time signing autographs and said hello to a lot of people. He is very modest. I think he has a hard time understanding why people follow him around campus. It's genuine and not a false modesty. He's a really good guy."