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Day 2 Of 'Reign' Filming At Christ Church

Brad Silberling - 'Reign', Mary Queen of Scots CBS TV Studios film, shooting at Christ Church - Day 2 - Dublin, Ireland - Tuesday 9th April 2013

Land Of The Lost Trailer

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Land Of The Lost Review

Apparently you can drink dinosaur urine, almost kiss a monkey-child hybrid, and pass through a T. Rex's digestive tract as part of a mainstream Hollywood comedy and still receive a PG-13 rating from the MPAA. Who would've guessed?

Those are but two of the many strange (and yes, strangely funny) things Will Ferrell does in Brad Silberling's Land of the Lost, an acid-trip take on Sid and Marty Krofft's already kitschy television series that aired on NBC in the mid-'70s. Ferrell tones down his trademark immaturity but ramps up the crippling ego to play Dr. Rick Marshall, a scientist focused on unraveling time travel who's discredited after a televised spat with Today show host Matt Lauer (convincing as himself).

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10 Items Or Less Review

It's not going to ruin anything to tell you that nothing happens in 10 Items or Less. Yeah, it's one of those kinds of movies. A couple of characters (only one of whom even has a name) spend a day together, doing menial tasks, and getting to know one another. Night falls. The movie is over. That's what we have here. And, for the most part, it works.

The nameless man is Morgan Freeman, playing a Hollywood actor who's researching a role as a lower-class service worker, so he's spending copious amounts of time in the barrio in L.A. At a rundown supermarket he encounters Scarlet (Paz Vega), who agrees to let him tag along with her on a day of mindless errands and fast food. They eat at Arby's, get the car washed, and watch an in-store demo of a "magic" towel at Target. (Freeman's expression when free mops are offered to the crowd is priceless.)

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Moonlight Mile Review

Warning: This review is tainted by the author's prejudices against Moonlight Mile director Brad Silberling. In 1998, Mr. Silberling took it upon himself to remake Wim Wenders' metaphysical masterpiece Wings of Desire as the anemic Meg Ryan vehicle City of Angels. The quality of Mr. Silberling's film did not compensate for the audacity of the idea, and this critic forever placed a mark of dishonor on the director. This is worth mentioning in light of the discussion of Moonlight Mile that is to follow.

With that said, Moonlight Mile is only half bad. Sure, it's weepy and sentimental and fails to take full advantage of an emotionally fertile premise. But as a story of loss, self-discovery and rebirth it succeeds as much as it fails. If this were baseball, Moonlight Mile would be batting .500, which is good. But this is the movies, so half bad means two and a half stars.

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Brad Silberling

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