Ahead of its appearance during the Super Bowl commercials this weekend, a teaser for the new Brad Pitt film World War Z has leaked onto the internet, offering a glimpse at one of the most talked about movie projects of the past 12 months.

According to NME, there are five other films premiering footage during the ad breaks, with clips expected of Star Trek Into Darkness, Fast And Furious 6, The Lone Ranger, Oz: The Great And Powerful and Iron Man 3. Whilst those other films have already leaked stills and information over the past few months, the World War Z camp have been muted indeed about what we can expect from the film. So do we know anything about what to expect?

Well, the film is based on the 2006 post-apocalyptic horror novel by Max Brooks, so we already know plenty about the story – or those who have read it do at any rate. Told from a series of individual perspectives, there is no one main narrative to the novel, just the experiences of those recovering from the 10 years of zombie war that had waged on earth until the point of the novel’s beginning. So how are they going to deal with that? Well, with an abundance of explosions, high speed crashes and people running amok all over the place by the looks of it – you’re standard zombie spooks then. The film is out in the summer, but the short clip more than whets the appetite for it. See what you think below.