Ahead of the release of the Brad Pitt-starring Zombie action movie World War Z there have been a few special screenings of the film dotted around the US – and the audience at one of these were given quite the shock when Pitt himself turned up before the film got going to say a few words to them.

If we know cinemas, then folks probably got pretty irritated at having to sit through a load of adverts and then see some bloke standing up in front of them blocking the view just as the film was about to start. However, it turned out to be our man Brad! Appearing at a screening in New Jersey, he told the crowd "Thank you all for coming out," he said. "I know it's late, and we really appreciate it...Today we came out to show the film for the people we made it for—our fans!"

Presumably he got a load of whoops and hollers at that point. Continuing, he first angled for another cheap cheer by exclaiming "We said, well there's no other place better than Jersey!" and added "We've got T-shirts for everyone, and we've got a massive film for you. It's epic, it's scary as hell, and I guarantee you it's the most intense thing you're gonna see all summer." That’s a pretty risky guarantee Brad…

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Brad PittBrad PittBrad Pitt made a surprise appearance in New Jersey, and no, it wasn't his lookalike [pictured right]