You’ve probably heard by now of how Brad Pitt was “attacked” at the Maleficent premiere by a man named Vitalii Sediuk. Well “attacked” might be a bit of an exaggeration, but either way Sediuk was arrested for the incident, where he reportedly jumped a barrier, hugged then struck Pitt. But Sediuk wasn’t a crazed fan, actually he’s a Ukrainian reporter who’s become well known for his celebrity pranks. In fact, if security had done there research they probably never would have let him near the premiere in the first place. So for future reference, Hollywood event planners, here's a history of Sediuk's most famous pranks. Seriously, who still lets this man near a red carpet?

Brad PittBrad Pitt was targeted by Sediuk at the Maleficent premiere

April 2011: Sediuk’s first big stab at attention grabbing came during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Dressed in a white uniform and pretending to be a prince himself, the then 22 year old Ukrainian ‘proposed’ to a BBC presenter on live TV, offering to marry her during the royal wedding, she said no.

September 2011: The first celebrity target on Sediuk’s list was pop star Madonna (always good to start at the top.) After learning the queen of pop was allergic to hydrangeas, he pretended to be a fan and presented her with a bouquet of the flowers at a press conference. The video, where Madonna was heard saying, “l absolutely loathe hydrangeas” soon went viral, gaining over 3 million Youtube views.

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May 2012: At the Men in Black 3 premiere, Sediuk got a little too friendly with one Will Smith as he walked the red carpet. The prankster grabbed the actor and hugged him before attempting a kiss on the lips. Smith promptly shoved him off, asking "what the hell is your problem?” before telling reporters Sediuk was lucky he wasn't sucker punched (ouch).

February 2013: In perhaps his most impressive stunt, Sediuk managed to gain entry to the 2013 Grammys despite having no ticket or press credentials. The opportunistic reporter casually followed Katy Perry into the event, before stealing the seat of latecomer Adam Levine. He then rushed the stage when Adele received her award saying "I love you, Adele” into the microphone before he was glared off by Jennifer Lopez. As a result of the incident, Sediuk was charged with "willfully leaving a spectator area and entering a performance area" and of "interfering and delaying program participants." He pled no contest and was given a six month suspended sentence.

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January 2014: Bradley Cooper got a shock on the SAG awards red carpet when Sediuk rushed on and hugged the actor’s legs, burying his head in his groin. A month later he repeated the stunt, this time on Leonardo DiCaprio at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, before he was unsurprisingly, escorted off the premises by security.

America FerreraAmerica Ferrera was the target of Sediuk at this year's Cannes Film Festival

May 2014: Most recently, Sediuk invaded the Cannes red carpet when he attempted to throw himself under the dress of  America Ferrera, reportedly leaving the actress “shaken.” Unsurprisingly, the stunt was seen as a prank too far by many, after all, he did put his head up a woman's skirt. Ferrera later said, "I don't even know what happened! I feel something behind me, and there's this guy under my dress, and then two guys drag him away!". The actress declined to press charges and Sediuk was left free to find his next target, sorry Brad Pitt.