Ukrainian reporter Vitalii Sediuk, known for rushing stars on the red carpet at premieres, will not be able to prank his way out of this one.

After Sediuk's latest stunt, where he jumped the barrier at the premiere of Disney's 'Maleficent' and hugged Pitt before being wrestled to the ground be security, criminal charges have been issued.

Appearing in an East Los Angeles courthouse for a hearing on Wednesday night's (May 28th) incident, Sediuk was ordered by a judge to stay at least 500 yards away from all award shows, entertainment events and red carpets.

The known prankster also pled no contest to one count of battery and of disturbing the peace.

Judge Yvette Verastegui handed out a $200 fine, 20 days of community service and sentenced him to 36 months of summary probation.

Sediuk will also have to attend a weekly session of psychiatric counselling over a 52-week period, and return to court with proof of this once completed.

After the hearing, Sediuk's lawyer, Anthony Willoughby, wanted to reiterate what actually occurred at the premiere, and despite it being heavily reported, he stated that his client did not attack Brad Pitt, he hugged him.

"He told me he wasn't planning on pulling a prank [at the premiere,] but then he 'saw Brad Pitt and decided to make Angelina Jolie jealous,'" Willoughby said, via The Hollywood Reporter.

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Even though Sediuk was released from jail shortly after paying the fine, the emergency restraining order Pitt forwarded to the L.A. city attorney is still in effect, at least for the next several days anyway.

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Prior to the prank at the 'Maleficent' premiere, Sediuk was fired Ukrainian TV station 1+1 because the company wanted to keep their credibility.

Sediuk being escorted away from the premiere by the LAPD on Wednesday (May 28th)