Michael Latz, the mayor of the small, South Eastern town of Correns in France has denied that he has any knowledge of whether Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be tying the knot at the weekend, claiming that he has no idea who either of the pair are.
Correns is the town where the Hollywood A-List couple own the 17th-century Chateau Miraval, which is also said to be the site where the two will hold their marriage ceremony. After British tabloid magazine Hello had reportedly gotten in touch with the mayor, Latz had been inundated with calls asking for confirmation of whether he knew anything about the upcoming event. Latz, clearly unhappy with the constant calls from press, said he was not aware of any wedding, and added: "It's nonsense. I've had 50 phone calls and I am telling everyone to get lost because this is tiresome and irritates me."
He then said that he would pursue the magazine for printing misleading statement, although the magazine have yet to admit fault. Hello 'broke' the news that Brangelina were to be wed this weekend on their website, although Latz was not quoted directly in the online article. Jolie and Pitt announced that they were getting engaged after seven years and six children together this April, but have yet to publicly set a date for the wedding.