Brad Pitt looks to be having a rough time on the East London set of his upcoming movie 'The Counsellor' as he is snapped sporting a large purple bruise.

But don't panic! The injury was only prosthetic and anyway, the Hollywood hunk should be well accustomed to brutal film roles having played a boxer in 'Fight Club', a bare-knuckle gypsy fighter in 'Snatch' and a hired assassin who gets into a fight with his onscreen (and offscreen) wife in 'Mr and Mrs Smith'. In 'The Counsellor' he is set to star as a drug trafficker alongside Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Cameron Diaz and Michael Fassbender.

Apparently his onscreen beatings aren't the only things that could be wearing the 48-year-old actor out. In an interview with Celebs on Sunday, Pitt revealed the stresses of having six children running around the family home. 'It's the biggest pain I've ever experienced', he confessed. 'I love it and I can't recommend it any more highly - although sleep is non-existent.' Bless him. Not only that, but the Golden Globe winner was also pronounced dead over the weekend after a snowboarding accident in Switzerland. Thankfully, this proved to be one of the many hoaxes that keep erupting across the internet recently.