Brad Pitt has injured his knee trying to save his daughter from injuring herself. On Saturday night, Brad Pitt made an appearance at the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala where he was awarded the Desert Palm Achievement Actor Award. He arrived at the Gala with his wife Angelina Jolie and the Ocean's Eleven star was using a cane to steady himself when he walked. Yesterday (January 8, 2012), the Chicago Tribune revealed that Pitt had injured his knee trying to help his daughter Vivienne whilst the family were away on a skiing holiday.

His wife Angelina told reporters that he slipped whilst carrying Vivienne and took the brunt of the fall, to ensure that she was not hurt. Se went on to say that a similar thing had happened to her with her son Maddox: "Vivi's okay. She was absolutely fine. He took the fall. It was just to make sure. When Maddox was younger, I took a fall and cracked my elbow because I wanted to make he wasn't injured. Every parent will stand in the line of fire for their kids. It's quite a normal thing."

Brad Pitt's award was presented to him by his Moneyball co-star, Jonah Hill. Michelle Williams was recognised for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe and received the 'Actress' counterpart to Brad Pitt's award. Other actors and actresses rewarded at the Gala included Jessica Chastain, who was presented with the Spotlight Award and Gary Oldman, who won the International Star award.