Executives at Paramount have decided that Brad Pitt's upcoming, post-apocalyptic zombie fest World War Z will have its release date brought back another six months, changing from the slated December 21st 2012 release to June 21st 2013 instead. Scottish newspaper The Daily Record has reported that the upcoming Tom Cruise film, One Shot, will replace the box office slot left by World War Z and should fair much more admirably during the festive season rather than the zombie epic Pitt stars in. Paramount Vice-chairman Rob Moore said it made "perfect sense" to release the Cruise film first.
Pitt, who recently announced that he and long time girlfriend Angelina Jolie are finally engaged to be married after seven years as a couple, filmed scenes for the upcoming zombie epic on the streets of Glasgow for seventeen days last August. The streets on which filming took place, in and around George Square, were transformed to look like Philadelphia in the US giving hundreds of locals jobs as extras.
The film revolves around a U.N. employee, Pitt, who is racing against time as he travels the world trying to stop the outbreak of a deadly Zombie pandemic that has gripped the world's population. It will also star ERIC WEST, MIREILLE ENOS and MATTHEW FOX.