Sick of zombies yet? Thought not. But just to add a little spice to the usual crowbar to the head, or Daryl’s crossbow through the eye, you can now see Brad Pitt battling zombies in mid-air. Yessss.

According to Cinema Blend, who first reported the new footage, “the scene opens on an airplane calmly drifting through the sky, most of the passengers either asleep or sitting comfortably in first class – including Brad Pitt’s character, Gerry Lane. We then see a Chihuahua hop off its owners seat and head to the back of the plane where it starts barking at a door.” Can you guess what’s behind that door? Of course you can, it’s Pitt’s old buddy George Clooney. Sorry wrong film; it’s a really scary zombie with desires of eating everyone on that plane. Pitt, of course, wakes up from his first class slumber and sorts everything out, getting all the passengers to form a blockade with their hand luggage. Bet the airline wishes it wasn’t so stingy now, huh? Sure, this works for a while, but when a stupid regular passenger drops a bag, the zombies take notice and head for the fresh flesh waiting for them.

Brad PittA cool lookin' Pitt at the premiere for Killing Them Softly

So how does Pitt finish this off? Well, he lobs a grenade on the plane, creating a large hole to wit all the zombies tumble out of - probably straight onto a small village as of yet unaffected by the plague, but hopefully into the sea. World War Z will be in theaters on June 21st, unless they manage to release the entire film in snippets like this before then.