Brad Pitt is hoping to produce a movie about the trapped Chilean miners.

The 'Megamind' star wants to use his production company Plan B to make a big-screen adaptation about the 33 men, all of whom were freed after two months underground.

The production company is believed to have a made a multi-million dollar offer to get the rights to work on the film, which may even star some of the original miners.

The men were trapped for a total of 69 days underground and although it was initially believed they would not be freed until the end of December the release powered ahead and the men came to ground in late October.

It was initially revealed Javier Bardem was interested in working on a movie based on the story.

As well as working on a movie about the trapped Chilean miners, Brad's production outfit will soon work on Terrence Malick's 'The Tree of Life', in which he will star alongside Sean Penn.