Reports suggest that Brad Pitt is signed to produce – and even maybe star in – The Operators, a film biopic on Staney McChrystal, controversial former US General and commander of international forces in Afghanistan.  

Brad PittBrad Pitt in the Oscar Winning '12 Years a Slave'

Based on the Michael Hastings book of the same name, the film will focus on the rise and fall of Stanley McChrystal. The book portrays the backrooms and politics behind the war; forensically dismantling the high risk decisions and manoeuvres that would polarize a nation and its government, Deadine report.

The Operators has been optioned by Pitt's production company, Plan B, and partners New Regency, who have worked together before with Pitt on 12 Years A Slave, which saw the actor play a small but pivotal role in the life of the film’s protagonist, Solomon Northrup. 

Away from films, and Brad has been hailed as a “wonderful and loving father” by his other half, Angelina Jolie, who is set to star as the titular Maleficent in Disney’s upcoming fairy-tale. 

"Brad has always been such a wonderful and loving father. It's such a beautiful and sexy quality in a man when he takes his responsibilities as a father very seriously. I still get very emotional when I watch Brad play with the children -- he is so naturally devoted and joyful around them," she said.

"When I was younger, I never imagined being a mother. Then those maternal feelings evolved and deepened once I began adopting and started living with Brad, which made me want to have children of our own," she said. "Brad is so good about taking over when I'm working, but I'd rather be home for dinner and read my children bedtime stories," she added, according to Showbiz Spy.

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