Brad Pitt's World War Z body double has alleged he was paid just $124 (£80) to stand in for the multi-millionaire Hollywood actor on the set of the zombie movie.

The Fight Club star filmed a portion of the horror epic in Glasgow, Scotland, and local resident David Paterson was hired to double for the actor on the set.

Paterson, who boasts the same vital statistics as the star, has now opened up about his experience as Pitt, alleging he was paid less than the U.K.'s minimum wage for filming the actor's scenes.

The 26 year old claims he received just $124 (£80) for 18 hours work, which comes in at less than the $9.59 (£6.19) per hour which all U.K. workers over the age of 21 are entitled to.

Paterson also insists he didn't even receive an invitation to the film's U.K. premiere in London last month (Jun13).

He tells Britain's Daily Record, "I basically had to be Brad... and copy everything he did on screen. Brad was there the entire time... I was following his actions. I wore identical clothes to him... I had the same physique as him... I had a job to do and I just did it to the best of my ability...

"I was paid £80... I didn't get a Vip pass for the film (premiere), nothing like that at all, and I haven't seen it yet. I walked away with around £80, no autograph and no Vip invites..."

However, Paterson insists he enjoyed playing a movie star, adding, "I did it for the experience. You get asked to do something like that and you can't really say no... Brad's a very professional guy."