Actor and activist Brad Pitt is extra proud of his new film Killing Them Softly after it helped boost the ongoing recovery efforts in New Orleans, Louisiana following the devastating 2005 hurricane.
The Hollywood star has long supported the clean-up mission in the city after it was ripped apart by Hurricane Katrina, and he even launched the Make It Right Foundation to raise funds for housing in the area.
His latest movie was shot in New Orleans, and Pitt is delighted his projects are also helping the recovery effort through much needed cash boosts.
He tells Reuters, "They have a great film infrastructure now and there's amazing rebates for movies to get made... to help recover from an economic disaster.
"It feels good to bring a film there because you know it's supporting the city, it's a big influx of cash when a movie comes to town. You're giving people jobs and it's a really good feeling. I'm very connected to that place."