Brad Pitt has been spotted out and about in Los Angeles on his brand new motor bike, once again. Pitt’s clearly fond of his black and gold chopper, which reportedly set him back a whopping $300,000. According to the Daily Mail, the custom Ecosse Titanium Series XX bike is said to be amongst the most expensive motorbike in the world and on Tuesday, E! Online caught the Moneyball star roaming the streets of LA, where he threw a quick glance at the watching paparazzi before zooming off.

Brad must have decided to take some time out to revel in the joys of motorcycling, after a busy week jetting around the world. He’d just returned from a week in France, where he and his wife Angelina Jolie were helping to promote the launch of a new wine, which reportedly sold out in just five hours. Perhaps they wouldn’t have bothered flying across the globe to promote it if they knew it was going to be so easy to shift. It wasn’t all work and no play in France though. Brangelina also found time to squeeze in a spot of shopping, as well as checking out some local furniture stores and interior design outlets, it seems.

The bike may be a new toy for Brad but he’s long-harboured a love of motorcycles. He has around ten in his collection now and he even gave his son Maddox a DRZ-125 dirt-bike for his 11th birthday. 

Brad PItt
Brad Pitt on the set of The Counselor, last year