Brad Pitt doesn't have to do much to get the spotlight, just turning up somewhere will do. At the Cannes Film Festival though he at least had the decency to come along and promote a film that was being pushed at the extravaganza. Pitt stars in gangster flick 'Killing Them Softly' as Jackie Cogan, who is hired down to hunt down and punish a gang of petty thieves that turned over a high stakes poker game.
Talking at a press conference, The Press Association reports that Pitt took on the role as part of his on-going search to find roles that "say something about our time and who we are." He added, "This commentary - in the way it's done in this film, in the way that you believe you're watching a gangster film - I felt it was really a gangster film and it wasn't until the very end that things coalesced for me as far as maybe the direction the film was pointing to overall; that the film actually was saying something about the greater world."
The assembled media all nodded, impressed. Disappointing then that it turned out that all they really wanted to know was whether Brad and his other half Angelina Jolie had set a date for their wedding yet. They haven't, apparently, according to Pitt. So there you go then.