Brad Pitt’s World War II epic, Fury, is turning into the most controversial film of the year, and it’s not even out until November 2014. It started with Pitt cutting his hair – a bit deal, trust us – moved on to the quiet English county of Oxfordshire being stunned by gunfire and explosions, and now a man has been stabbed with a bayonet.

furyThe man was STABBED with a BAYONET

The film also stars Shia LeBeouf, who, as we all know, has a penchant for making the headlines – rarely for the ‘right’ reasons. He’s been pretty quiet so far, but we predict an almighty strop leading to a dropout, a murder, or some sort of stunt involving a tank. Grand Theft Auto-style.

Back to the stabbed man: he’s fine; he was admitted to hospital and was even laughing as he left the set. It was an accident.

“The incident involved two professional stuntmen filming a rehearsed action sequence,” a spokesman for the production company, Sony Pictures told The Daily Mail. “None of the principal actors of the director were involved - they were on a separate part of the location. The man was injured but left the set laughing and talking.”

furyBrad Pitt on the set of Fury

A police spokesman added: "Police were called at 11.40am this morning to reports that a man had been injured on a film set in Pyrton. Officers attended and the man was taken to John Radcliffe Hospital for treatment. We were called by the ambulance service. No-one famous was injured and we are not investigating any further."

No one famous: phew!

The filming of Fury was thrust into the headlines when a series of explosions and gunshots rocked the usually serene Oxfordshire. Residents were told not to worry, and some of them have even enjoyed the novelty of living near a Hollywood film set.