We’ve hardly seen anything from Brad Pitt’s new World War II epic, Fury, which sees him and a highly skilled team of soldiers take on a dangerous tank-based mission towards the end of the war. There’s been hardly anything in terms of footage, press pics, posters or even plot reveals. 

Brad PittWe have literally no idea who this man is, sorry

But what we have had is plenty of funny stories coming out of Oxfordshire, where the movie is currently being shot. Many members of the rural towns that dot the quiet county are being assured: hear any loud gunfire or explosions? Well not to worry, and don’t call the emergency services!

Shirburn resident Sue Ford said, according to The BBC: "I've heard gunfire which is quite startling. Very frightening. The tanks are incredibly noisy," she added.

Kim Emerson, another resident, said villagers were getting on with life as normal, and are even enjoying the novelty. "We're kind of lucky enough that we live in a semi-film set,” she said. "There's always something going on whether it's Midsomers… Sherlock Holmes… so we're kind of getting pretty used to it now."

For Fury, Pitt had to shave off his blond (nearly silver) locks to really cut it as a G.I. He stars alongside Shia LaBeouf in the film that’s slated for a November 2014 release. But it wasn’t his new haircut which lead the elderly WWII consultant working on the film to admit he had no idea who the international movie star was.

Michael Fassbender and Brad PittBrad Pitt (we think?) chatting to Michael Fassbender in Ridley Scott's, The Counselor

Mr Comfort, from Ripple, near Deal in Kent, was pretty honest when he bet ol’ Brad, and in-between sharing his war experiences to make the film more genuine, admitted that he’s never heard of him.

All in all, the filming of Fury has been a funny old affair, injecting some of rural England’s quirks into the Hollywood blockbuster starring… that bloke.

Brad Pitt has two Oscar contenders this year, The Counselor and 12 Years A Slave though Fury is likely to contend at the ceremony in 2015.