Brad Pitt was the guest of honour at Daniel and Abi Lingwood's wedding this weekend, as the star was spotted at the bar of the Stoke Park Hotel in Buckinghamshire by the two ordinary people whilst they enjoyed their wedding reception. According to Metro, the two approached the Hollywood a-lister, who was more than happy to pose for photos and wish them well on their big day.

Brad Pitt TIFF
Pitt attends the premiere of his new film, 12 Years A Slave

Pitt was taking a break from filming his upcoming World War II thriller Fury and was enjoying a drink in the hotel bar, when the newlyweds approached him after Daniel saw him from afar. His bride recalled the event to Metro, stating that Brad was humble and happy to have a quick talk with the couple on their big day, until her bridesmaids and other female wedding reception attendees caught wind of what was going on and whipped up a flurry of excitement.

"It all started when my husband said to me Brad Pitt was at the bar and that I had to go with him. So he dragged me across the hotel," Abi told the paper. "I thought he was joking. Brad said it wasn’t a problem and said lovely things like congratulations and I hope you have had a great day and let’s have a picture. He was lovely and said I looked nice in my dress."

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|Pitt has a reputation of being good to his fans

As the three posed for photos, Abi's friends soon wanted in on the action, at which point Brad was whisked away by some of the film crew to hold a meeting with the movie's producers upstairs in the hotel. She added, "The girls were going wild and mental so Brad and the people he was with went upstairs to a room for their meeting."

Brad was filming at the nearby Pinewood studios and may have been staying at the hotel, as the couple say they caught a glimpse of him again the following morning in the hotel lobby. Abi added, "It’s more of a talking point than my wedding, but that’s fine."

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Brad no longer has his long, flowing hair