Brad Pitt believes that the movie business is about to change and that the age of film making dominated by big studios is over.

Speaking to at the Toronto Film Festival the Hollywood A-lister said "Now as we see the digital camera on the rise and people being able to make films on their own in a renegade style, we will see more talent that may not have got a chance before." He also commented on how he feels that the current studio system needs to be constantly evolving and trying to improve "Because we've been doing something the same way, for so long, does that mean it's alright for today. We can't stop questioning the context of how decisions are made at the time." The Mr & Mrs. Smith star was speaking ahead of the release of his new movie Moneyball which is the story of Billy Beane, a baseball coach that brings success to the Oakland Athletics' on a low budget using a system based on statistics.

Born in Oklahoma, the 47-year-old is one of the most recognisable actors in the world. He moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduating from university and appeared in a variety of small films before his first major role in 1991 movie Thelma & Louise. He has since starred in a series of blockbuster movies including Troy and The Ocean's Trilogy. He is currently filming new zombie movie World War Z which sees the world over run by the undead.