Brad Pitt stood by his recently operated-on wife Angelina Jolie as the two walked down the red carpet for the Paris premiere of his latest film, World War Z, on Monday (June 3) night, hardly leaving her side once as they made their way to the screening. The outing marks only the second public appearance for the actress, who underwent a double mastectomy earlier this year to lower her chances of developing breast cancer later in her life.

The two were dressed to the nines when they hit the red carpet in London for the official premiere of the film on Sunday (June 2), with Ange draped in a black Yves Saint Lauren dress and Brad in a blazer, however after the pair decided to tone it down for the trip to the fashion capital of the world (and still managed to look annoyingly good). The two also stuck closely by each others side in the French capital and were rarely seen not holding hands, having drifted apart numerous times to give interviews to various press outlets during the London showing. The pair did sign autographs and pose for picture for their French fans.

Despite the recentness of the gruelling medical ordeal she has just been through, Ange seemed happy and fit when she spoke to reporters on Sunday night. "I feel great," she told the BBC. "I feel wonderful, and I'm very, very grateful for all the support. It's meant a lot to me."

Brad on the other hand was more preoccupied answering question about his latest role in the post-apocalyptic, zombie-dominated film, promising fans an experience like no other. You can see our own interviews with the star on the red carpet here and during the special concert put on by Muse (who soundtracked the film) after the premiere here.

Brad and Ange London
Angelina and Brad in London

Ange and Brad WWZ
The Sunday premiere marked Ange's first public appearance in months