The American twins who underwent plastic surgery to resemble Brad Pitt claim they were coaxed into saying they idolised and wanted to look like the Hollywood hunk.

On MTV show I WANT A FAMOUS FACE, MIKE and MATT SCHLEPP spent the small fortune on a string of cosmetic surgeries, telling viewers it was because they were sick of felling ugly and wanted to look like the world's sexiest star instead.

But the 21-year-old aspiring actors now admit they never really set out to become Pitt clones at all.

Matthew tells PEOPLE magazine, "We wanted to have more of a masculine look. They were like, 'Well, if you had to choose someone, who would you want to look like?' We were like, 'We want to have bone structure like Brad Pitt.'

"They made it seem like we were drooling over Brad Pitt."

Michael adds, "They had about four pages of things for us to say."

Supervising producer MARSHALL ELSEN hits back, "We don't put words in people's mouths. Their interest in Brad comes from them."

11/05/2004 10:43